Welcome to the Board. In New-Ebony, the capital of the Dark Kingdom, each piece has its place: the King stands in his palace, the Towers manage finances, the Knights keep order and the Pawns, the little hands of the kingdom, work hard to reach a Promotion which they hope will drag them out of their condition. While they are all imploring the Player, the god who will move them one day, the Bishops are doing everything they can to destabilize the Board and establish an element of Chance. Meanwhile, every night, overcrowded boats unload their cargo of human misery: it is the immigrants from the Game of Checkers, who are fleeing their world which has been ravaged by war.

But the city’s future is starting to look bleak: a state scandal shakes up the government and the people are getting angry. This anger brings about a new power balance, with racism against the Checkers and manipulation for some, and rebellion and crisis for others. The political maneuvers of the Jaiseth Tower, Minister of Strategic Planning, throws everything up in the air. Capable of low blows, his fast ascent to the position of city mayor puts several pieces in motion: E-One, Lieutenant Knight D-Ten and B-Three, a Checkers immigrant. Each character has to join forces or fight against each other to lead the Board towards its redemption… or its destruction.

A World in Pieces is a science fiction political saga from France, that brings current political events onto a gigantic chess board. We follow a game that takes place over several volumes, including political intrigue, a manhunt, a love story and a rise of totalitarianism. The style echoes features of a black novel, using striking black and white graphics. While waiting for an editor for a paper publication, A World in Pieces is moving its pawns on the web, combining drawings, animated gifs and an infinite scrolling narration to tell, over the course of 7 episodes, the story of the fall of a world that’s not so far from our current reality.